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Walt Harpool

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08/03/10 05:39 AM #1    

Larry Brearley

I remember Walt so very well !!!!!    Here goes.  Most of you may not remember this.   I DO.   And, I will never forget this.   I was in a class with Walt, the teacher was trying to explain what a thesis is, and Walt, bless his soul, took the verbiage from the teacher and thought that the teacher was telling each of us to write a thesis.  The next week, Walt presented the teacher with his thesis.  The teacher was confused, and, most of the class got a big laugh.  Later, after all of the laughing had died down, someone made a comment about "HARPOOL'S THESIS", and that comment STUCK.  I remember that moment as if it was yesterday. 

Now, not understanding why I would remember such a thing about Walt, I am surely glad that I did.  For the past 41 years, I have often wondered why I would remember such a seemingly minor thing, but, now since he has passed, I truly know why I remember such things.


09/24/10 12:11 AM #2    

Wanell Cogdell (Soslow)

Walt and I went out a few times (mostly Demolay [sp] dances as I recall) but I also went with him to one of his cousin's weddings.  I will never forget the usher asking "Bride or Groom" and after I answered, I took the ushers arm and away we went.  (By the way, my mother had instructed me on this whole procedure, so I would know what to do.) When we got the the row where the usher wanted us to sit, I turned around and poor Walt was still standing at the door of the chapel.  I am guessing that the usher was a cousin as well, because he motioned for Walt to come, and Walt bolted down the isle like he was in a race. It was such a site.  Lots of laughing.

What a sweet, innocent guy.  In those days, we all were but Walt was special.  We will miss you Walt.


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