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Cynthia Derrington

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Marca-Sue Mills (Delacerda)

Senior year Cindy was my closest friend yet we still didn't do too much together.  After she took the long drive home she wasn't much for coming back to town and I was almost always babysitting in the evenings.  She loved to zip around in her MG and when Tommy (her brother) was at National Guard training she drove his 'Vette.  She loved sporty cars.  One of my cousins gave my name and address to a Marine friend of hers and he and I were pen pals.  Cindy wanted a soldier pen pal too and Johnny began writing to her too.  A month or two before graduation Johnny came home from Viet Nam (he was a Dallasite).  He and Cindy dated and became engaged just a few weeks before graduation.  After her marriage I only saw Cindy a couple of times.  One of the few times we spoke after graduation she was angry with me for not attending Don Yarbrough's funeral.  Had I known of his death I would have been there.  The last time I saw her was the end of August 1973 when she co-hosted my wedding shower.  I tried several times over the years to contact her with no luck.  She and Johnny had a son and at some point divorced.  I learned from her mother that she had re-married and her son was in seminary at the time.  That was probably 10 years ago.  I fear I must have offended Cindy over something else and she never forgave me.  I hope she had a happy life.   

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