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Walt Harpool

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08/03/10 05:39 AM #1    

Larry Brearley

I remember Walt so very well !!!!!    Here goes.  Most of you may not remember this.   I DO.   And, I will never forget this.   I was in a class with Walt, the teacher was trying to explain what a thesis is, and Walt, bless his soul, took the verbiage from the teacher and thought that the teacher was telling each of us to write a thesis.  The next week, Walt presented the teacher with his thesis.  The teacher was confused, and, most of the class got a big laugh.  Later, after all of the laughing had died down, someone made a comment about "HARPOOL'S THESIS", and that comment STUCK.  I remember that moment as if it was yesterday. 

Now, not understanding why I would remember such a thing about Walt, I am surely glad that I did.  For the past 41 years, I have often wondered why I would remember such a seemingly minor thing, but, now since he has passed, I truly know why I remember such things.


09/24/10 12:11 AM #2    

Wanell Cogdell (Soslow)

Walt and I went out a few times (mostly Demolay [sp] dances as I recall) but I also went with him to one of his cousin's weddings.  I will never forget the usher asking "Bride or Groom" and after I answered, I took the ushers arm and away we went.  (By the way, my mother had instructed me on this whole procedure, so I would know what to do.) When we got the the row where the usher wanted us to sit, I turned around and poor Walt was still standing at the door of the chapel.  I am guessing that the usher was a cousin as well, because he motioned for Walt to come, and Walt bolted down the isle like he was in a race. It was such a site.  Lots of laughing.

What a sweet, innocent guy.  In those days, we all were but Walt was special.  We will miss you Walt.


07/25/20 09:57 PM #3    

Meredith Thompson (Sullivan)

Walt and I took ballroom dancing together, probably when we were still in junior high. My parents made me go, and I'm sure Walt's parents insisted he attend. Every week, for six weeks, the boys were instructed to come across the room to the row of waiting girls, ask one of us to dance, and escort that lovely thing to the dance floor. Every week, nobody asked me to dance. After an excruciating wait, the teacher would drag Walt over to me. He never looked at me while asking for the pleasure, and I never looked at him while nodding. This went on week after week. I will always remember learning the Fox Trot with Walt and will love him forever for his shear bravery, endurance and great kindness in the face of such agony. 

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